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puppy love



“open up your heart’s mind and your mind’s heart as wide and deep as they will go.”
Rob Brezny

this little Sammie girl keeps asking for the basics: food, play and LOVE, and more play, and more love, and more love…

and this girl is struggling with giving it and receiving it. I wasn’t totally on board with the addition of a dog to our family. I was operating from a mental place of “our daughter is adopting a dog” and I’m just going to help her train it and care for it, etc. HA!

I’d forgotten how completely, thoroughly and deeply a dog loves her people. when Sammie greets me she squeals with delight! she climbs into my lap at every opportunity. she presses her body against mine as if in a bear hug with me. she’s so sweet, and yet, I’m annoyed by her antics. her cold, wet nose on my legs. the chewed up toys. the energy it takes to train her. and, she sheds.

I’m seeing so clearly the connection between the heart and the mind. how I make the decision to open my heart, or not open it. daily. hourly. and variously, relationship by relationship.

I’m observing my resistance. my surrender. my acceptance slowly ripening. ♥

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