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inhabited by joy!


photo credit: marica thompson

here’s my 7 year-old daughter (on the left) laughing with friends at her homeschool program, captured in a moment of pure bliss. the image overwhelms me with emotion.

all at once I’m inhabited by her joy!  uplifted by her innocence! steeped in gratitude for her school environment and her teachers and fellow homeschoolers.

all this, and yet it’s tinged with envy.

this, I know, is a mama’s rite of passage. to see our beloved children grow up and away from us and experience the world as independent, confident, joy-filled creatures. to let go.

a tinge of envy that I wasn’t privy to this moment, this laughter, this joy…wasn’t there to eavesdrop on their giggles and plans.


then more gratitude cycled right back in for the respect of our separateness. the acknowledgement of our inter-being. the gift of her experiences in the world.

so blessed by her sweet sweet soul, and the preciousness of this image. ♥

check out her teacher’s blogs at:
More With the Kids
Wasabi Honeybee




2 comments on “inhabited by joy!

  1. What a beautiful capture of a moment. Thank you for your words. They are a poignant reminder of passages, as I process the birth of our first, 13 years ago today. (officially tomorrow as he eeked it over the midnight clock.) Big love to you and your precious family, Les.


  2. so, so beautiful. having a ten year old and 8 year old, my heart know just how you feel. your blog is wonderful. lunge is a great name for it, love that! Happy Blogging!!!!!


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