love tags


I’ve been having fun making little collages in bottle caps and going around town “tagging” with them. I was inspired by street art and tagging, but these are removable so they double as an anonymous gift for the lucky finder.


picking up bottle caps in the street, at the park, on a hike, has become a ritual for my kids. they both have a good eye and usually spot them before I do. we also have friends who save their bottle caps for us. I love getting the bags of bottle caps, smelling of old beer mostly, washing and drying them and then turning them into tiny works of art. I’ll use anything for the collages: old junk mail, postcards, brochures, magazines, stickers and some glue, glitter, paint and ink and, voila! I use a removable double-sided adhesive tape on the backs so they come off easily.


I indulge my rebel-spirit as I traverse my day with a pocketful of love tags, sneaking them onto trees, signs, poles, phone booths and bike racks. my eight-year-old also loves this stealth operation.

It gives me great joy to imagine someone finding one of my bottle caps in some random spot. maybe they experience a similar streak of joy as they peel it off and put it in their pocket. I wonder where they go…


one day as I walked around tagging, I started seeing little bits of poetry in the same places I was sticking my bottle caps. (serendipitous placement? or, all taggers think alike?) fragments of language on 70s style label tape. I only took this one picture, and I love it. it says: talk in accents. I think I need a label maker. ♥

9 comments on “love tags

  1. I love this!!! Your adventurous/creative spirit has also been passed to me when we used to make found object collages when you would pass through Ojai during your traveling days and spend a day with me at the park or on a nature walk. My memories of these special moments with you as a child are priceless as they will be with J&M. Love you! -L


  2. thanks L! so happy you hold those memories dear. I do too. and look who’s making art NOW! and getting paid for it. lucky you! xo


  3. I love idea so much. Very inspirational!


  4. katrina_kramer
  5. Hi Leslie, I think this and you are awesome. So fun! Did Eli show you his bottle cap collection when you came here? He has collected at home and in London, Ethiopia, Germany, Jamaica, and across Canada. Little world traveler. He has them glued onto boards and they hang in his room.


  6. thanks Katrina! thanks Laura! no, he didn’t show them to me but I DID notice them. I love how he has them displayed. so very cool! I think he needs to collect some in the US 😉


  7. Kenley Neufeld
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