mindful moments poetry

let love in


while collecting dream fragments

the tree spirit called to me

reverberating love  

I walk the trails in Ojai often and I especially love Shelf Road for its simplicity, its proximity and the panoramic views of our valley. I also like the magic. every single time I walk that trail I see something new. something surprising. something that makes me stop in my tracks. something that makes my jaw drop. my ears perk up. my heart soar.

once a peregrine falcon came roaring through the air above me. I heard it seconds before I saw it. it sounded like an air craft coming at me with the intensity and purpose of a fighter jet. it sped past me, just a few feet above my head and dive-bombed its prey on the valley floor.


tiny little love note

etched in stone

come home with me

another time it was a buck. huge antlers lit with late afternoon sunlight. he leapt across my path. westward into the orchard.

once an owl swooped up in front of my windshield as I headed down the hill at twilight.


the shadows were long

I stumbled upon this

solid heart

older than oceans

sometimes, the magic I see is inside my self. it’s usually as insanely jaw-dropping and track-stopping as nature’s messages. I think this is because just as I am in nature, nature is in me.

yesterday, it was heart images in these rocks and in this tree. reminding me to let love in. ♥

3 comments on “let love in

  1. Kenley Neufeld
  2. Kenley Neufeld

    It’s amazing what you found. Thank you for the love reminder.


  3. Orly Avineri

    So beautifully thought, felt, written, and photographically expressed…I love what you say on the side bar too, your blog ‘mission’. Enjoy your paths Leslie, so glad you are exploring this path too. I have no doubt it will open a wondrous world for you, one that has been awaiting patiently for you…Let love in, and out too. XOXOrly


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