fun with block prints


inspired by traditional wood block printing, my 8 year-old daughter and I set out to make some linoleum block prints. we googled “wood block prints” and found loads of examples. I was especially inspired when I stumbled upon Alisha Baker’s blog. her linoleum block prints are beautiful.


Fragile Glory by Alisha Baker

we decided on the child-friendly version of linoleum blocks: carving onto pieces of “Presto Foam” with a soft pencil instead of cutting with sharp tools into a linoleum block.


I love her smiley face heart with the toothy grin.


she liked rolling the smooth ink with the breyer, then carefully rolling the ink onto her designs.


the push and pull of the loosening ink reminded me of my grad school days in SF when I did a lot of letterpress printing in the Poetics Program at (the now defunct) New College of California. I spent hundreds of hours in a windowless basement printing poems, broadsides, my wedding invitations and pages and pages of a book I never finished.


the texture and color we got with our block prints was really satisfying.

valentine’s? ā™„

5 comments on “fun with block prints

  1. Kenley Neufeld
  2. Be my valentine! I love each and every one of the prints you showed – beautiful! I want to do this with the girls – great idea! xo


  3. juliette t crane

    these look like so much fun! thank you for the inspiration…stopping by from the stretching within fb page and it’s so lovely to find your beautiful blog!have a wonderful weekend!-juliette


  4. Melinda Oliveri

    I love these! These are so beautiful and amazing.I showed Gabriella and she really wants to try this. Alisha Baker’s prints are so cool. I would love to go see her work. I really enjoy checking in with your blog. It makes me feel at peace, inspired and honored that I am your friend.Love you!


  5. Gabriella Oliveri

    I loved them! They are so pretty!


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