I sense a theme emerging…monday mantras? monthly mantras? we’ll see…

shine. a perfect companion mantra to “know thyself.”

knowing myself more honestly opens the door for me to shine. as I pursue my ever deepening relationship with my self, I tune in more acutely to my passion, my fear, my needs, my inconsistencies…. all the truths I need to accept in order to really shine.

In Buddhism there’s a lovely teaching about causes and conditions explaining how things manifest when the causes and conditions are ripe. Thich Nhat Hahn says in his book No Death, No Fear:  “This is what the Buddha taught. When conditions are sufficient things manifest. When conditions are no longer sufficient things withdraw. They wait until the moment is right for them to manifest again.” We all have certain conditions we must nurture on a regular basis in order for our shine to manifest! The challenge is to slow down enough in our daily lives to tune in and be mindful of our needs, and carve out the space to fulfill them, even when there is so much work to do, chores and errands, children to care for, meals to cook, etc. etc.

I need a lot of space…alone time…nature hikes…quiet meditation and contemplation…good music…yoga…laughter…juicy conversations with girlfriends…journaling…a balance of family time and time with my husband…honoring spontaneity…etc. these are the conditions that fuel my inner fire and self-confidence. I also need to regularly confront my fears. putting myself out there in ways that terrify me. letting others see me when I want to hide. speaking up when I don’t feel heard. taking risks. when I do these things I shine more brightly.

create the support you need so you can shine. garner a friendship circle. read inspiring words. dig in the dirt. go surfing. pick up your guitar. meditate. breathe. laugh. dance. sing. do whatever it takes. shine!

what conditions do you need so you can manifest your shine? ♥

2 comments on “shine

  1. Yoga, breath, dance, sunshine, beach, creating, talk, spontaneity, play, good chats with my kids, husband time, woman time! Your entry is right where I am at in my journey. Thinking a lot about creating a few things to help me “shine” in the past few months. Thank you for affirming 🙂 much love and many blessings


  2. thank you Belinda! you shine SO bright. hope to see you in real life sometime soon. ♥


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