starting in the middle

I wanted to be a mommy blogger but I didn’t want to blog. I was tech-savvy, I was a writer, I was into journaling, and I was a new mom – everything I needed to be a prolific mommy blogger! but I was too tired, too grumpy, too consumed with babies and toddlers and diapers and nursing and laundry to blog. this was 2002, 2003, in the early days of the blogosphere. I didn’t want my personal life on the Internet. and now, I kinda regret it. a part of me feels like I “missed the boat” and another part of me knows I chose not to get into the boat. but, if I’d started blogging when my kids were babes, by now I’d have a decade worth of inspiring, passionate, tear-jerking, worthy content, right?  maybe I’d even have a book published, right? but I don’t. because even though I wanted to be a mommy blogger, I didn’t want to be a mommy blogger.

and so here I am, a decade later, with a fierce craving to write.
I’m not new to writing. I have an MFA in poetics and I’ve been freelancing as a marketing writer for years. but blogging? as myself and not for a client? my own personal narrative? it feels brand new. rusty. vulnerable and exposed. thrilling and satisfying. and, I’m not new to parenting. my kids are 9 and 12 years old. I didn’t blog when they were little, or when we started homeschooling, or as I struggled through the discovery of our son having social, behavioral and sensory issues. I didn’t blog as I connected my spiritual practice to parenting, trying to mindfully greet my two zen masters each day fresh and new. but I’m starting now and it’s exciting! I’m starting in the middle. our family is entering a new stage of life: middle age and middle childhood. we are 46, 45, 12 and 9 years old. we are so in the middle!

my kids at ages seven and ten

for a couple years I didn’t start blogging because I didn’t fit a certain “category” that I thought I had to fit in to. I’m not a devoted crafter, artist or DIY-er. I’m not a homesteader. I’m not a raw food mama. I’m not a doula mama. I’m not a SAHM mama reviewing organic products or baby products. so I’ve settled on the themes most dear to me: spirituality, mindfulness, creativity and parenting. most of my life I’ve worked to avoid definitions, to not fit a definition, to be empty of definition. I’ve always been a rebel and hated labels. even so, we all have our definitions and we are so much more than our definitions! I’m trying to expand my definition to include: mindful mama, yoga mama, poetry mama, hiking mama, artist mama, astrology and tarot mama…blogging mama!

starting my blog in the middle feels just right to me. The parenting road I’ve been on is well trodden, and my children feel so grown up to me, yet I know there is a wide open and unknown path ahead, with loads of opportunity for mindful parenting (and blogging) calling to me… ♥

Mphoto  Jphoto

so, all you mommy bloggers (well, not all of you, because I know there are like 3.9 million mommy bloggers!) when did you start blogging? what do you love about blogging? how has it enriched your parenting journey?

6 comments on “starting in the middle

  1. it’s funny I want to do it all be the DIY-er Mama, the homesteader etc., and not be labled…hmm I have a blog myself only I forgot where..ha! you are an inspiring Mama!


  2. I love this. So many stages. So many journeys. So many thoughts & lessons and so little time. Looking forward to this unfolding. Thank you for sharing.


  3. apparently at one time i started to make a blog on wordpress too. it remembers me. i am inspired by you leslie- by your bravery to blog and by your mindful parenting.


  4. thank you guys! and thank you for being pillars of support in my community as we all discover what our blessed children are teaching us.


  5. “brand new. rusty. vulnerable and exposed. thrilling and satisfying.”
    love to hear the intimate sensations of your process–beautiful
    and RELIEVING for us moms who dont “fall in line” with specific categories!!


  6. Yahoo! You wrote it. Cannot wait to talk to you more about this blogging world.


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