My nine year-old daughter and I are on our first mama-daughter trip in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a week! We’re visiting our good friends from Ojai who live here now. We’re catching up, touring the city, and the three girls are enjoying a week-long playdate! Two of my favorite things to do when traveling are checking out the local organic food markets and farmer’s markets, and appreciating the local street art. We’ve had amazing experiences with both on this trip! We loved San Miguel’s organic tienda and cafe, Via Organica, where we enjoyed the most amazing mango smoothies and lunch. We felt right at home…it was much like our own favorite organic tienda in Ojai, The Farmer & The Cook.

20130406-160554.jpg  20130406-160527.jpg

After lunch we went into the streets and discovered the neighborhood is dancing with murals. With each corner we turned, we were met by bold colors and the unique designs and techniques of San Miguel’s street artists. Here are just a few of my favorites!

20130403-234123.jpg 20130403-234136.jpg

20130403-234200.jpg 20130403-234224.jpg

20130403-234241.jpg 20130403-234325.jpg

20130406-160646.jpg 20130406-160711.jpg

Grateful for my girl, good friends, travel, organic food and these amazing artists.  ♥

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