about me

about Leslie Davis
I like reading other people’s bios and “about me” pages but it’s difficult to write my own. I resist the act of defining myself. So I invite you to read my blog posts to find out about me. Walk along with me as I discover myself. Maybe one day I’ll be able to write a catchy little paragraph about myself, my talents, interests and experiences. Or, maybe I’ll ask you to do it for me. Basically, I’m a middle-aged hetero white woman with a family. I’m as average as it gets, AND I’m on the most fascinating journey ever! I’m living mindfully, savoring moments, enjoying my breathing, and blogging my way into your heart.
♥ Leslie

about my blog
My heart keeps leaping forward so I’ve started a blog to keep a record of its happenings. I love the lunge pose in my yoga practice. a good strong thrust forward and a deep sinking into my bones, down into the earth, with hips solid and heart open. the lunge reminds me to unlock my heart. mindfully reaching & stretching toward love in all I encounter.

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